green dragon sign 2sm

So after searching all over the internet for a GOOD quality one, I could find nothing out there So i just made my own. We added to our basement bar and wanted to come up with a name. Brad and

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custom built rustic chicken coop

Not just any little house will of for our laying hens. I built this better than our own home. Insulated, electric, windows, egg doors, and litter clean-out.

custom motorcycle

Every tattoo shop should have one of these!  For now, just one that i know of

prius car graphics

Well if your going to drive a Prius, better make it kick ass cool!

red barn vintage truck

This was my version of a road sign for the business.  

tailgate bench 2 RedBarn

These were made from some old truck tailgates and reclaimed barn wood

trail camera display

This was an aluminum camera display made for sales displays

custom metal deer head outdoor fireplace

Made from steel and rusted for outdoor use.

custom tap handles

These were mad with maple, and printed aluminum. Decals are added for the beer names to them.

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