Archive: January 2011

The bike’s all together now. Leather is on, gun is in its holster. Just have to paint the tank with the Cowboy Jack’s Logo, Add the Barnwood Battery box, with the Red Barn Choppers Logo and some steer horns and

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Well the guy who builds the bikes said it would take an hour.  I’m at hour and 6 and still more to go. It’s 2am, time to quit for the night/day. I did spend time painting up parts so that

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bike crate 2

It doesn’t get any better than this! Putting together this sweet little motorcycle, then make it look like a cowboy bike! Oh and by the way, there are 2 of them. Here is the bike in the crate parts for

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skull sign

Here is a hand-painted sign that will be on the outside of the building facing the parking lot. Faye did the painting, i just built it and roughed it up.


Here is a cabinet that i designed; and with John’s cabinet skills and a pile of old barnwood, this is what you get. This will be “Jacks Jailhouse” the merchandise room at the bloomington location.