Archive: November 2012

This thing is huge!  16′ long, over 600lbs, hangs in a 16′ high room. The glass globes are 30″ diameter each, and hung from handmade pulleys. This project was a big undertaking and a blast to build and well worth

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Did a great farm sign for a friends wedding gift.

wall of signs

This project was a blast to build!  Not only is making a wall full of signs fun, but to get to collaborate with my cousin Amy Herbert and her company Aesthetic Answers, just made the project that much more fun! The

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J&M wood

I built these for the window displays of J&M in New York City. The J&M was laser cut from reclaimed wood, distressed and clear-coated. The Frame was built from the same reclaimed wood and clear-coated.

new helmet

So to “fit in” this year at the Renn Fest i made an viking shield and helmet. I tried to make them as authentic as possible. I even had Faye hold the shield while i made the hit marks in

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Here is one I made for a client out in California. Looks great against those huge pines and bright blue sky!  


I made this for Cowboy Jacks in downtown Mpls. This will go behind the bar and be the tap for the “Jack’s Ale” beer that the sell.


These were made for Miller Jewelry in Annandale, MN. They were made from pieced together barnwood, then laser-engraved with the logo. The jewelry was hung from Old barn nails.