Category: Metal Sculpture
custom metal deer head outdoor fireplace

Made from steel and rusted for outdoor use.

350 chevy engine coffee table

This was made from a 350 engine with interior color changing LED lights and glass top.

custom made corporate clock from company logo / brand mark

These were made for a clients corporate office. Made from steel, aluminum and copper.

air force mug board

This was made for a buddy in the Air Force.  It’s a board for the Squadron crew to hang their mugs and name tags on.  Tons of fun to build!


So after doing some aviation signs for BroCo, I have been wanting to do some personal projects using the same metals and rivets. My friends Jim and Troy have been over helping me and these are a few things we

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Here is a sculpture that I did for a holiday present. I made the reeds from steel, ducks from copper and the base if from a re-claimed barn beam.


Along with a few other extra parts, Build a plane.

Might as well be this kick-ass belt buckle.  I hammered it out on the anvil, then added his flying duck logo to it with the welder, some gun bluing and clear coat and its all ready to rock.