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green dragon sign 2sm

So after searching all over the internet for a GOOD quality one, I could find nothing out there So i just made my own. We added to our basement bar and wanted to come up with a name. Brad and

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red barn vintage truck

This was my version of a road sign for the business.  

taproom brewery copper and wood rustic industrial signage

This sign was made for Lupine Brewing in Delano MN. The sign was made with reclaimed wood flooring that was removed from the 100 year old building. Copper panels and dimensional lettering with down lighting.

custom wood and metal brewing company sign

Custom made reclaimed wood & metal brewing company sign.

reclaimed wood and distressed metal entrance wall

This front entrance was made with reclaimed wood, distressed and aged steel with dimensional logo lettering.

custom metal aluminum industrial corporate logo sign

This metal sign was made from aluminum aged and distressed.  


I had the amazing opportunity to fabricate one of the signs that was used to unveil the new Indian Scout this year at Sturgis. It was a great project to do and see the end results.  Check out the video

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This clock was made for a conference room I did a few years back to match the decor and existing table. It was made from stainless steel, aluminum and copper.


Every now and then i have some free time to mess around and try new things. This sign was made with the help of Marked By Imagination. The logo and lettering is all mdc that is finished with metal paint

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This sign was made for a brand of ATK and a new office location. It was made form brushed stainless steel, and black anodized aluminum lettering.