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prius car graphics

Well if your going to drive a Prius, better make it kick ass cool!

trail camera display

This was an aluminum camera display made for sales displays

custom tap handles

These were mad with maple, and printed aluminum. Decals are added for the beer names to them.

corporate wall art for lobby of large industrial company

This was a great project and took a while, but was worth the wait! The back is a variety of metals with the companies values engraved onto different metal panels. Their icon is in the center which is backlit with

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custom acrylic box with scrap car parts

So we did a video shoot last fall or a Geo Metro going through the ultimate Manure Spreader for one of our clients, Artex. This was a way for them to display what was left at trade shows along with

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photo 3

This project was done for Fairlead International in Portsmouth, VA.  Custom furniture was built with a modern and industrial design and finish to reflect the companies precision manufacturing capabilities. The back wall was a brutes stainless finish with the logo

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entire room

With the help of Kellen Construction  we built some fun stuff for the offices of Adventure Creative in St. Cloud, MN. There was a large custom divider wall made from 2×14 pine boards that had cubby holes for displaying photos, ADDY

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custom cold smokehouse

This was built almost entirely from wood and materials from old project and stuff around the shop. The log siding came from a Stormy Kromer booth that was updated and I could not let that go to waste! This is

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I had some old boxes of odds & ends sitting around the shop, that must have been tired of collecting dust and decided to come to life.


My first few fish carved out with the chainsaw, then added some birch sticks for coat holders for the ice house.