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Experiential Marketing & Brand Activation

Experiential Marketing Design Services

Working with an experienced interior designer can help your company to achieve success with an experiential marketing or brand activation campaign.

Experiential marketing and brand activation are innovative marketing strategies that allow your customers to build a relationship with your brand by experiencing your products first-hand. Red Barn Creations would love to partner with you to help your experiential marketing ideas come to life with custom design work. Look here to see some of our successes working with past clients on cutting-edge office interior designs!

Custom Designs for Brand Activation

At Red Barn Creations, our experts are well-versed in experiential marketing, and we can familiarize ourselves with your brand activation efforts in order to assist you with the design process, allowing you to create the ideal experience. If you'd like ideas or inspiration to help you develop your experiential marketing campaign, we'd be more than happy to provide!


Our professionals can help you design an interior space, and create custom furniture and decorations, to help your company achieve brand activation with your customers. We're Minnesota-local and can offer in-person services throughout the state, but we're equally adept at providing virtual design assistance to clients all across the United States!

We Can Provide Experiential Marketing Designs

Brand activation and experiential marketing are a fantastic way to build brand awareness, and we'd be honored to help you with that. Connect with Red Barn Creations today and we can answer any of your questions about how we can assist with experiential marketing and brand activation both locally in Minnesota and virtually throughout the nation!

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