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Custom Backlit Signs

Backlit Signs Services

Would you like to have custom backlit signs made for your business?

At Red Barn Creations, we specialize in designing and hand-building custom backlit signs for all types of businesses throughout Minnesota and the country at large. A custom backlit sign can make your business more noticeable at night and add a touch of elegance to your workplace, whether you have a restaurant, retail center or working office. If you'd like to see some of the eye-popping backlit signage we've created, view our previous work here!

Ultimate Custom Backlit Signage

Red Barn Creations is a top-of-the-line sign building company that specializes in creating custom backlit signs to meet our clients' needs. Using high-quality materials of your choice, we'll construct indoor or outdoor backlit signs to your exact specifications.


Our creative team will take all your input to make sure we design and build backlit signage that will look exactly the way you're hoping it will. We can collaborate face-to-face with clients in Minnesota, and we're just as happy to meet virtually with clients around the country to gather what we need to custom-build backlit signs for your business.

Upgrade Your Business With Hand-Built Backlit Signs

Do you want to bring in new business with one-of-a-kind backlit signs? Connect with Red Barn Creations today if you'd like us to begin working on a custom backlit sign building project for your business here in Minnesota or anywhere else in the United States!

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