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Custom Office Signs

Office Sign Services

Creating custom signs for your office is a great way to showcase your professionalism and your company brand to staff and clients!

Red Barn Creations is a custom office sign building company serving our home state of Minnesota as well as clients all over the country. Our talented designers can create custom office signs bearing your existing company logo or create a new sign design from scratch with your input. If you'd like to browse some of the office signs we've created for other clients, take a look here!

Amazing Custom Signs for Your Office Space

At Red Barn Creations, we can design and build custom office signs that perfectly match the style and culture of any business. Our team is happy to work with your preferred type of material, be it wood, metal, glass or acrylic, to create office signs that are eye-catching and help to elevate your office's professional aesthetics.


We know that every detail is important, which is why our professionals are committed to completing every office sign construction project to our clients' exact specifications. Whether we're collaborating face-to-face in Minnesota or virtually from across the country, our team will deliver custom office signs that are everything you hoped they'd be.

Would Your Office Benefit from Custom Signage?

Custom office signs, hand-made from scratch, will be an invaluable addition to your office that welcome everyone who walks in. Contact Red Barn Creations today if you'd like us to begin working on a custom office sign building project for your business in Minnesota or anywhere else in the United States!

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